Sunday, October 15, 2006

Choosing a Computer for Digital Darkroom

With a computer, you can create some works of arts and have more fun with your digital photos. You can make changes and enhancement to your images, and then print them on your inkjet.

Windows or Mac?
One of the common question for your digital darkrooms is "Do you get a Windows system or an Apple Macintosh System?"
Most professional digital photographers and graphic designers use Mac environment. They find Macs easier to work with and more "powerful".

However, for biginners, the Windows System seems to be the better choice. Windows computers are becoming more and more user friendly. in addition, there are more photo editing programs for Windows than for Macs.

Notebook Vs Desktop
Here come another big question "Notebook or Desktop?"
If you check on the price, you would find that Notebook is generally more expensive than desktop. However, Notebook gives you the flexibility if you are always on the move.

For a beginner on digital darkroom, you may want to start with a desktop. As you become more proficient with the basic photo editing program, you can gradually upgrade to the more powerful Adobe Photoshop.

If you plan a lot of travelling with your digital cameras, you should also consider getting an additinonal Notebook computer in additional to your desktop computer.

  • If you are really into digital photography, you should consider adding more RAM in your system. It is important to get your computer running at the fastest speed which you can afford.

  • If you need to decide whether to get a faster CPU or more RAM, I would recommend that you go get more RAM. Most photo editing software consume a lot of RAM power. If you have insufficient RAM, you may end up "waiting forever" for a imaging program to finish its processing.

Monitor Display
Monitor display is an important accesory for digital darkroom. If you are really serious in digital photography, you should consider a 22-inch monitor.

Large monitors help you to see your image easily, and you can open more adjustment windows for your work.

Tips on Monitor Display:
  • Flat Panel display, though more expensive, is a better choice. It takes up less space and generate less heat and radiation.

  • Some photographers highlighted that the CRT monitors seems to have smoother graduations for subtle colors such as skin tone. The flat-panel seems to have better brightness and contrast

It's important to note the number of ports available. If your computer has more ports, you would be able to attach more equipment (such as printer, scanner, memory card reader, external hard drive) to your computer.

If you plan to have a lot of accessory, look for a system with lot of ports.

Wabcom Tablet
For serious photographers, the WACOM table offers ultimate precision.In stead of using mouse, you use the WACOM pen over a tablet.
The pen is pressure sensitive. Simply press harder for a stong effect when making the adjustments.

WACOM tablets come in small, medium and large sizes.


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