Sunday, October 15, 2006

Never Tell a Child to Smile

Never, ever tell a child to smile. If you do that in a child photography session, they will get tensed up when you ask them to do so. The best smiles happen spontaneously - a natural by product of a fun activity. When you first photograph a group of children, just take a few shot in the first minute. The children will need to get use to the camera and light from the electronic flash. After a while, the children will soon lose interest in your camera, and ignore you. At this time, you will probably capture some really spontaneous images.

If You'll Just Sit Still I'll Give You....
Use bribe as the last resort in child photography. Properly timed, the promise of a special treat like a balloon can give you just enough leverage to get those last 2 or 3 exposures to complete your photo session.

Take It When They Are Sound Asleep
Young children, especially infants take beautiful photos while they are asleep. Try this child photography technique:

While a child is sleeping, place a solid color blanket over the child just exposing the face, arms, and hands (to minimize colors and concentrate on face).

Place a favorite small, soft toy near a hand (makes for a wonderful memory).

Move in close, usually within three feet to fill the camera's viewfinder with just the child.

Toddler Photos
If you are taking Toddlers’s photos, try not to let them know that you are taking pictures. They look best when they don’t know that you’re taking their photo. Candid shots are great for this age group. Always keep your camera ready. Capture the moment when they are doing something cute.

Mom & Dad in Child Photography
Be relaxed. Children are very sensitive to their parents' moods and tend to get nervous and apprehensive right along with mom and dad. Therefore, mom and dad have to be as carefree as possible during the child photography sessions. One way to do that is to focus on the fun activity that you're using to distract your child. Yes, that trick can work on you, too!


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