Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nokia News

NOKIA has been on top of the mobile world for so long that few remember that the Finnish company was once in the forestry business.

Today, Nokia commands a 35 per cent share of the global market for mobile phones. Its closest competitors, Motorola and Samsung, have 15 per cent each.

There are some 800 million Nokia users worldwide and 10 Nokia phones are manufactured every second. This is a huge achievement in a country of only five million.

Having got to the top, the next biggest challenge for Nokia is staying there. Not only must the company be clued in to the latest technology trends, it also has to churn out beautiful products with intuitive user interfaces and build long-term brand loyalty.

"There are geographical differences in consumer behaviour and in the business landscape. China and India increasingly drive demand and design prefen;nces," said Mr Jarkko Sairanen, Vice-President of corporate strategy.

Nokia's business strategies include creating winning devices and embracing consumer Internet services.

The areas it will focus on are photography and video, music, TV and media on the go, Internet and navigation plus games, said Mr Sairanen.

To stay on top, Nokia is spending big bucks. R&D accounted for 3.8 billion euros (S$7.5 billion), or 11.2 per cent of net sales, last year. R&D personnel make up 36 per cent (20,882) of Nokia's workforce.

Nokia Research Centre, established in 1986, has R&D centres in 11 countries, including Finland, China, Germany, Hungary, Japan and the United States. In April, it established-a joint research facility at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


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